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Guidelines for playing matches at RUSTINGTON OTTERS during August 2020 and beyond (during Covid-19 restrictions)



With friendly / competitive matches now being planned RUSTINGTON OTTERS FC/YTH have drawn up the following guidance and risk assessment checklist to ensure that playing our matches adheres to both Government and FA guidelines...


By RUSTINGTON OTTERS Managers/Coaches arranging/participating in matches, this CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE and FULL COMPLIANCE to the guidelines and aforementioned risk assessment responsibilities ....


•MANAGER of each RUSTINGTON OTTERS team to ensure all of the checklist is communicated to ALL coaches, volunteers, players, parents, spectators, match day officials and the Oppositions Lead Coach PRIOR to the match day for each fixture;

•MANAGER to obtain parental consent (text) for each child to play in accordance to the players, parents & supporters responsibilities listed below:

•NO person attending the match venue has shown or been in contact with any persons showing the following symptoms of Covid 19:

...   A temperature above 37.8°;

...   Has a continuous cough;

...   Has shortness of breath or a sore throat;

...   A loss of normal sense of taste or smell;

...   Generally feeling unwell.


•PLAYERS asked to bring personal hand sanitiser (not to be shared) and own, named water bottle;

•PLAYERS should arrive ready changed and leave the ground straight after the match;

•PLAYERS to maintain social distancing (2m) during any team communication, warm ups and cool downs;

•PLAYERS are NOT to handle equipment, goalposts, nets or corner flags at anytime;

•PLAYERS pre match AND post-match handshake should NOT take place;

•PLAYERS (home and away) should arrive NO EARLIER than 30 minutes before the KO time;

•PLAYERS should not be using shared bibs or sharing kit;

•PLAYERS should refrain from spitting;

•Set plays should be taken promptly to limit PLAYERS congregation;

•Goal celebrations should be avoided by PLAYERS and coaches alike;

•SUBSTITUTE PLAYERS should maintain social distancing on the touchline at all times;

•No contact between PLAYERS when being substituted;

•In the event of injury to a PLAYER, a member of the players household SHOULD assist in the first instance (if present). In their absence a first aider may administer first aid wearing both face mask and gloves... After administering first aid hand sanitiser should be used at the earliest opportunity

•SUPPORTERS are asked to gather in groups of no more than 6 (six) and maintain that "bubble" for the entirety of the fixture whilst maintaining social distancing of 2m from other supporters;

•SUPPORTERS are asked NOT to retrieve / return the matchball when the ball goes out of play;

•SUPPORTERS should refrain from spitting;

•JON K to open (unlock) gates between Woodlands Park Sportsfield (WPSF) and The Angmering School before match and close (lock) after the game, encouraging all other persons to refrain from handling gates / doors;

•MANAGER is to keep a register of RUSTINGTON OTTERS players AND parents / guardians present at each game;

•MANAGER is to keep a register of referee / other match officials present at each game;

•MANAGER is to keep oppositions coaches details and request that a register of the oppositions players and supporters is collated by the oppositions Lead Coach for NHS track and trace reasons IF required for future reference;

•MANAGER to store aforementioned details for a minimum of 21 days in accordance with GDPR principles;

•MANAGER to have PPE equipment (Latex gloves & face mask) in the event of administering First Aid;

•MANAGER to maintain social distancing on touchline during play;

•All equipment (including goalposts, corner flags and footballs) to be sterilised before the match commences, at halftime AND at the end of the match by the MANAGER (if a MANAGER has no coach or assistant manager the half-time cleaning could be done by a nominated parent)

•All equipment (including goals /nets/pegs) to be positioned and collected by MANAGERS/COACHES;

•Payments to officials should be made via payments in an envelope (Jon K to advise of payment prior to match);


If you have any questions regarding match day activities or wish to report non-compliance by one of our teams, or match day opposition, then please contact ELLIOTT CROOK on 07891 455717 or email at


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